About the project

This research was conducted by Sean Boots, Prof. Amanda Clarke, Anne Lajoie, and Chantal Brousseau from the School of Public Policy and Administration and the Data Science and Analytics program at Carleton University. It expands on an earlier Ottawa Civic Tech project from 2017-2019 and was made possible by funding from the Government of Ontario’s Early Researcher Award program and the support of the Canada School of Public Service Public Servant-in-Residence program.

The source code for the data analysis and for the website repository is available on GitHub. Both repositories are licensed under the MIT License. Source data from open.canada.ca is available under the Open Government Licence – Canada, and Statistics Canada data used for inflation adjustments is available under the Statistics Canada Open Licence (see additional license details).

This website was built using the Blogdown package and is hosted by Netlify. See additional website details. If you have suggested improvements or corrections, please send in your comments and feedback!

This data is provided as-is, and no guarantees are made for the accuracy of the source or aggregate data. Trends and total values should be considered estimates rather than precise values. See the methodology page for more details.

We’re really grateful to everyone who has contributed to, supported, and encouraged this research, as well as to the R package developers and data science educators that made this work possible. 💖 Special thanks to (in alphabetical order):

Aaron Snow, Alison Presmanes Hill, Amadou Sidy Diallo, Amber Thomas, Anatole Papadopoulos, Bianca Wylie, Bradley Congram, Derek Alton, Dmitry Shkolnik, Dorothy Eng, Evan Miller, Garrett Grolemund, Hadley Wickham, Heather Semotiuk, Honey Dacanay, Jennifer Stewart, Jenny Bryan, Jens von Bergmann, Jesse Tweedle, John Gorrie, John Millons, Josianne Paul, Kent Aitken, Loleen Berdahl, Lucas Cherkewski, Luke Simcoe, Mary Giles, Meg Beretta, Meghan Hellstern, Meghan Innes, Mike Gifford, Neil Bouwer, Nisa Malli, Pierre-Antoine Ferron, Rebecca Croll, Rémy Bernard, Rohan Alexander, Sam Burton, Sam Firke, Simon Willison, Suzan Baert, Vanessa Thomas, Waldo Jaquith, Yihui Xie.